I see both people and photos with tattoos and I sometimes wish I could have some, too.

I know that if I ever, ever, ever decide to ink my body up (haha, sounds naughty), I’d either have all of my back covered or a sleeve. If you’re going to do something, go all the way.

My tattoo would mean something to me, not just some stuff that looks cute or something I obtained while inebriated (man, I’d be so ticked).

Unfortunately, that costs way too much money, my parents would be so angry, and I have a low pain tolerance with a loud voice. Not good stuff. 

Who knows, though. Crazier things have happened, or so I’m told.

Today felt fun. I spent most of my day with tSB, even though I had a shit load of homework that I kept thinking about. I even finished one of my assignments. Someone commented that I always bring my homework whenever we meet. Probably true, although it is quite a conversation starter.

Our day consisted of either planing, sketching, painting, cleaning the office, or picking up trash. Good stuff. Uneventful, but it’s just nice being in that company.

[then went home, cleaned my room, did most of my homework, baked and ate a cake]